Cyclotron-based gallium-68 generator breaks production records

26 Nov 2019 Tami Freeman Gallium-68 (68Ga) is a positron emitter that’s becoming established as a valuable diagnostic isotope, primarily for detection of neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). Such tumours do not metabolize glucose well – precluding their visualization via standard FDG-PET scans – but overexpress somatostatin receptors that bind, for example, to the PET agent 68Ga-Dotatate. […]

Competition heats up to produce medical radioisotope

15 Nov 2019 David Kramer Two North American companies hope their novel production processes for technetium-99m give them a leg up in an increasingly crowded market. The global supply chain for the world’s most-used radioisotope, the medical imaging tracer technetium-99m, is notoriously unreliable. When one or more of the handful of reactors producing 99mTc’s parent isotope, molybdenum-99, […]